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An open letter from the President of Trans Courier Systems, Inc.


My name is Mark Baxivonus and I have worked for Trans Courier Systems, Inc. for over 30 years.


Since deregulation there are now over 10,000 delivery companies in the U.S.  We have seen many of these companies come and go leaving their customers high and dry because they didnít have the experience and expertise to deliver dependable, affordable delivery services.


What sets us apart?


  • Customer Service.

Some companies have tried to automate processes so far making it impossible to get to a human being even if you try. How many times have you experienced voice mail systems that loop you back to the top of the question tree, even when that's not a logical place to go. Or even worse systems that provide no option to contact a human being, or allow you to contact a human being but extend wait times into double digit minutes.


You will never get caught up in the tangled web of an automated voice mail system Öwhere the first voice you hear is not a live person.  When you call us you will speak to someone professionally trained that is friendly, courteous and committed to providing you with a  service second to none.


Your time is valuable.   Real People, Real Answers, in REAL TIME!


  • Experience

It counts.  We have developed routes that cover the entire New England area.  And through our membership in the MCAA (Messenger Courier Association of America) we have access to other firms committed to the highest ethical business standards in the transportation industry allowing us to deliver your shipments from coast to coast.


  • Insurance and Licensing Authority.

Does the courier service have cargo insurance?  Are they licensed by the proper authorities?

Trans Courier Systems insures your package from pickup to delivery.  We have full authority granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which allows us to go anywhere at anytime.


We look forward to working with you in the future. 


Thanks for allowing me to tell you about Trans Courier Systems.



Mark Baxivonus


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